Wasted Potential – The Mindset of a Formerly Gifted Kid

The most accurate gifted kid meme I’ve ever seen. All credits go to @angstyfairy on Instagram, check out their account for more content like this.

I’m starting this post with a meme. I realize that may be a bit off the wall but this meme is just so crazy accurate I just had to use it. I’ve already discussed my use of the term “formerly gifted” and I feel like the traits displayed on this meme are really accurate for what I’m trying to say when I say formerly gifted. The weed being the exception of course. Don’t do drugs kids, I’ve seen a drug as common as marijuana really mess up people’s lives. Works for some, and yes, it should be legal, but as with anything, in moderation, and legally. Anyway, the reason I chose the meme for this weeks post is because the topic of wasted potential is right there in one of the squares – “fear of not living up to potential”.

I wasn’t going to post anything this week which is essentially breaking the most important rule of blogging, post every week. Or at least, post regularly. I’ve been depressed this week. Well, I’ve been depressed for 18 years, but this particular week kind has been worse. It’s been one of those periods when I barely leave my bed, and when I do, it’s to watch Netflix, or play video games. It’s not to eat, not to be around people, and definitely not to write. However I got a burst of confidence on Wednesday night and here we are, writing about wasted potential. How optimistic of me.

I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of potential in my life. When I was a kid they told me I was “Talented and Gifted” and holy shit did I feel entitled as hell after that. I thought I was a kid genius, but then high school came and showed me just how average I really am. I’ve already discussed in a previous post, about me learning to study in high school, how I failed calculus. That was my moment of really understanding that my childhood of being a gifted kid wasn’t going to continue into my teenage, and now my college years. I don’t want to deny that I was a gifted kid when I was young, but I realize now that I’m not.

You’re given a lot of potential as a kid, even if you’re not gifted. Kids think that they can do anything, but at some point we stop thinking like that. We accept the limits of what is and isn’t possible. When I was a kid I wanted to be an author, or maybe a musician. Those are both careers that are hard to get into. Now, I want to be a psychiatrist, which is still quite difficult but I can at least make a plan, I know the steps to get where I want to be. I got into a good college, and I have a plan, and yet there is a part of me that fears I’m not living up to my potential from when I was a kid.

I think that labeling kids as “gifted” is a risky thing to do. It’s accurate, but it also comes with a huge weight. Feeling like you are somehow smarter than other kids can leave lasting damage on a kid. The fact that I was able to find a meme that is incredibly accurate for me proves that there are shared experiences for many gifted kids, and that the feeling of wasted potential is likely one of them.

Seriously, I love this shirt, I’ve been wearing it too much. Also, excuse the lens crack making the top part of the picture look awful.

Anyway, the inspiration for this post came from this amazing shirt I found at Plato’s from Mighty Fine clothing. I love it so much, it gives off serious 80’s vibes, as do a lot of there other clothes. I’m not sponsored, I just love this brand.


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